11 of the Most Horrifically Disgusting Airline Foods Ever

Let’s be honest, between the screaming babies, the popping ears and the total lack of legroom, the only good part of air travel is when you actually arrive at your destination. Everything else between take-off and landing more or less sucks, especially airline food. We’ve flown around the world to bring you the nastiest, the grossest, and most unappetizing airline food that will have you reaching for your barf bag.

This pool of cheese from RyanAir

We know the low-carb diet is popular, but this sad hunk of bun-less meat swimming in a stanky-looking puddle of cheese isn’t what we had in mind. The cardboard it came in looks tastier than the meal itself.

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    This terribly disproportionate sandwich from AirKoryo

    Not sure what we were expecting from North Korea’s airline but the bun-to-meat ratio in this mystery sandwich has totally changed our minds about going there. Just the sandwich though, everything else there seems great.

    This horrible lasagna (?) from El Al Israel

    Is this a… what are those… why are there… we’d take a longer look to figure out what’s going on here but the more you stare at it the worse it looks.

    This Italian-inspired atrocity committed by Jet Blue

    This meal was served as part of their “mint” service which means is supposed to be extra fancy. The scummy, oily ring around the takeout container really makes the passenger feel like their dining at a trendy restaurant, doesn’t it? That pretzel bun in the background is calling our name though.


    This indiscernible breakfast from Air Malta

    The potatoes look edible but why is everything else being served in a big sloppy pile? We’d ask what that bubbly white stuff is at the bottom, but then again maybe we’re better off not knowing.

    This hot mess from Ryanair

    We appreciate your effort, Ryanair, for wanting to serve a hot meal to your passengers. We’re sure this kitchen sponge of a flatbread topped with cheese and corn was a huge hit with them.

    This ghastly disk-like thing from Air Bashkortostan

    This meal apparently came with a packet of cookies called “The Seven Mysteries of Taste”. We’re guessing the main was called “The Seven Mysteries of Meat”. Honestly, what is that thing?!

    The horror that is this meal from Bangkok Airways

    Are those floppy-looking gray rectangles supposed to be cheese? Are those green brainy-looking things noodles? There’s just so much to be confused about with this Thai meal.

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