Why Not All Trips Are Glamorous

It would be great if all trips happened without any hiccups, but that’s rarely the case. You might plan every detail of your trip and still have a massive headache because of something that’s out of your control.

Sometimes, it could be just that you choose to travel during a festival and everything is busy, or you get sick and don’t feel like doing anything. Either way, there are plenty of reasons why a trip can be the exact opposite of glamorous.

You Experience Massive Culture Shock

If it’s your first time leaving your native country to travel internationally, it’s important to have an open mind when exploring new cultures. But when their food, religion, and traditions are completely different from your own, it can sometimes be overwhelming. All of a sudden nothing makes sense, you feel like escaping as soon as possible, and think the trip was a disaster.

Ideally, you should have some travel experience before tackling intense countries. In that way, you know what to expect and how to handle extreme situations.

The City Has Poor Infrastructure

When someone who grew up in the capital of a developed country ends up in a village in the middle of Africa, they’ll probably face poor infrastructure. It might not have running water, transportation is few and far between, or a mobile signal is non-existent.

This environment can be exactly what someone is looking for. On the other hand, it could be a living hell for those who didn’t research their destination properly.

When you have an idea of what to expect, you’re less likely to have unpleasant surprises.

You Get Weird Allergic Reactions

Imagine eating a delicious exotic dish in Asia, only to have your body covered with skin rashes a few hours later? Traveling can be an interesting way to find out about allergies you never knew you had.

Unless you have a strong reaction, most of the time you’ll never know the reason it happened. But if it keeps coming back, you might want to investigate it more seriously and make sure you always have antihistamines with you.

The Weather Doesn’t Help

There’s a reason some flight tickets are super cheap at certain times of the year: it’s the low season. Traveling during the low season can result in unfavorable situations, especially when it comes to weather. For example, you travel to the Philippines only to end up inside your hut the whole time as it’s the typhoon season.

The problem is that sometimes you visit a new country during the right season, but the weather isn’t on your side. In cases like these, it’s always good to plan some indoor activities, like going to a play or taking in an exhibit at the local museum, for days with bad weather.

You Might Get Robbed

Being robbed on the road can really shatter your self-esteem, especially if you lose valuable belongings. It can be even worse if you’re in a dangerous country and get mugged at gunpoint.

The best course of action is to research your destination, learn to be street smart, and get travel insurance. As horrible as it may be, it’s important to remember you’re still alive and didn’t get hurt.

It’s Sometimes Super Expensive

Have you ever met a traveler who was pinching pennies throughout the entire trip? Although you can travel on a tight budget and still have fun, it can be a nightmare if you find yourself in the above situation.

Expensive destinations can really take a hit on your budget and make you travel in an uncomfortable way. As a result, you’re worrying about if you’ll have enough money for dinner instead of enjoying the sites.

Not All Toilets Are Created Equal

In the same way, electric plugs change from country to country, toilets can be wildly different between countries. If you go to Japan, it may seem like an upgrade. However, in many Asian and African countries, it’s the opposite.

Although squat toilets are not necessarily a bad thing — some considered more hygienic — it definitely takes some getting used to. The problem happens when there is no toilet paper, and you need to clean yourself with just a bucket of water!

You Might Hate the Local Food

If you’re a picky eater, traveling can be a constant roller coaster of trials and tribulations. And if you’re extremely picky, then you might end up spending a lot more money to eat in western joints instead of cheap local food.

Unfortunately, you might still dislike the food. Sometimes, it can be just one specific ingredient.

Long Bus Trips Can Be Depressing

Anyone who’s been on a 16-hour bus trip knows how tiring they can be. When you take into consideration many buses don’t have toilets, you know it’s the perfect scenario for a comedy.

Unless the landscape is mesmerizing outside, long bus rides are super boring. The stops along the way are usually not exciting. Moreover, you have to control how much you drink or you’ll end up wetting yourself!

It Sucks When You’re Sick

Getting sick on the road can quickly turn an amazing trip into a world of misery, especially if you’re visiting an expensive country. Imagine spending a whole day with the flu under the blankets when the sun is shining and you can hear the waves crashing?

Even worse than the flu is a devious stomach bug. If you happen to have the runs and need to take one of those 12-hour bus rides with no toilets, it’s hell. So, don’t ever forget to carry anti-diarrhea tablets with you!

The Woes of Packing

It takes a few trips for you to understand what you really need and what’s completely unnecessary. Unfortunately, first-timers don’t have that experience. Therefore, they pack everything they can and regret it for the rest of the adventure.

You won’t need to take a massive backpack with high heels, winter coats, and four pairs of jeans. The more you travel the more it becomes clear you can find pretty much everything everywhere, so just take the essentials.

Canceled or Missed Flights/Buses

The people who suffer if they miss a bus or a flight are those on a strict schedule with no wiggle room. The problem is that sometimes one missed connection can cause a chain reaction, which leads to losing a lot of money.

If you happen to miss a flight during the high season, it can be equally terrible as most flights are fully booked, while the others are super expensive.

So make sure to always arrive early for your flights/buses to avoid headaches.

Sleeping in Airports Is Not Comfortable

When you’re traveling around expensive countries, it might be tempting to avoid expenses at all costs. Many people choose overnight trains to save on accommodation, while others decide to sleep at airports. Unless you have some comfortable camping gear, you’ll probably be sleeping on the floor and cursing all night long.

While there are airports that can be accommodating, they are the exceptions.

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