20 Alternatives to the Summer Beach Vacation

The summer beach vacation has become so clichéd for us intrepid travelers. I mean, who wants to stay in a themed hotel, eat fried seafood, and nurse Bud Lights all week while the kids build yet another sandcastle? I certainly don’t!

Thus, I curated a list of 20 alternatives to the summer beach vacation.

Mountain Retreat

Escape the summer heat with a trip to the mountains. A mountain retreat offers something for everyone from hikes for outdoors enthusiasts to waterfalls for nature spotters to quaint towns for the craft lovers. Many mountain towns are also home to delicious craft breweries.

V. Belov / Shutterstock.com

V. Belov / Shutterstock.com

Dude Ranch

Who hasn’t watched the movie City Slickers and not wanted to replicate the dude ranch experience? Throughout Montana are dude ranches that provide guests with authentic cowboy experiences. Won’t your kids be the talk of the school as they recall lassoing a calf to their classmates.

Alena Vezza / Shutterstock.com

Alena Vezza / Shutterstock.com

A Caribbean Cruise

This one may not sound like much of an alternative to the beach, but I would argue that it is. Sure, a Caribbean cruise is filled with tropical destinations, but they are so much more than beach. Cruise goers are exposed to new cultures, adventure activities, and maybe just a little beach.

Stefano Cavoretto / Shutterstock.com

Stefano Cavoretto / Shutterstock.com



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