How to Travel Without Being a Tourist

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Don’t Be Afraid to Meet People

A country’s collective culture is the sum total of all the people who live there. While it can be unnerving to introduce yourself to complete strangers (especially if there’s a language barrier), you have to remember that it’s the human bonds you form on your travels that make an experience in a foreign culture memorable. While it’s important to be careful, remember that 99.9% of the people you meet aren’t criminals, and that most will be just as happy to meet you as you are to meet them. Now, this isn’t to say you should throw caution to the winds and follow complete strangers down dark alleys. Use your common sense, make sure somebody knows where you are at all times, and have regular check-ins.

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When in Rome

Try and stay away from the “tourist traps.” They’ll sell you a watered down version of the local culture at an inflated price. Seek out people who live in the region, and do what they do. If everyone commutes by bus, don’t take a cab. If you look around a restaurant in Europe, and see more Americans than locals, you’re in the wrong place.

Stay at places off the beaten path. You’ll not only save money by moving away from “luxury” accommodations of resort hotels, but you’re far more likely to have a “genuine” experience in a hostel or a downtown hotel than you’re going to have at an all-inclusive resort.



Styles of Wrestling from Around the World

Most of us are familiar with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This brand rose in popularity within the 1980s, thanks to the likes of Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who placed wrestling on the pop culture map. As time wore on, the WWE has built a mass marketing and entertainment empire through their larger-than-life personalities, including the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Triple H. Still, why some out there can state the WWE does profile some wrestling, it is a far cry from the true techniques that are involved in the sport itself.

Why You Should Travel While You’re Still Young

If you’re worried about embarking on a travel adventure and wondering whether it’ll negatively affect your life, the simple answer is “no, it won’t.” In fact, when you stop to take a closer look at it, the benefits considerably outweigh the risks. While in the past it may have looked like a frivolous undertaking, nowadays it’s considered a character-defining experience. If you have the chance to travel now, take it without thinking as your future-self will be forever grateful for the lessons, friends, and memories you will make.

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