The Best Travel Blogs for Solo Adventurers

Winter is a great time to start dreaming of your next big adventure. The cold weather keeps most people indoors. Plus, the long nights give lots of time for finding inspiration, dreaming, and planning. Most people who love to travel already have a roster of blogs that they frequent for advice and inspiration. However, many of them are geared towards travel with family and friends.

If you’re planning your next trip solo, you should definitely check out this list of travel blogs geared towards solo adventurers. They’re full of great tips and tricks, as well as dreamy photos and inspirational trip plans.

Anita’s Feast

Although she lives in Portugal, Anita of Anita’s Feast is on the road more often than not. Her blog is a fantastic source of inspiration for people whose primary motivation for traveling is sampling different local delicacies.

Some of her best posts center on various food experiences that she’s had, including sampling Portuguese thistle cheese and making argan oil in Morocco. Although her posts are stuffed full of fascinating information, her casual writing style makes them easy to read.

Anita’s Feast has been online since 2010. So, there’s a real treasure trove of information on various destinations around the globe.

Velvet Escape

Too often the listicle concept gets a bad name. Originally, they were intended as quick, bite-sized pieces that people could read quickly that would get across a large amount of information in a short amount of time.

Keith Jenkins at Velvet Escape travel blog has done a great job of creating tons of useful listicle content based on his travels around the world. Quick articles like “Ten Things to do in Dresden” and “Ten Things to do in Stellenbosch” cover cities that most travel blogs skip over. Even better, they’re full of tips and tricks that he’s actually used on his travels. There’s even a searchable map graphic on the blog, so you can filter content by continent.

Pearls and Passports

If you’ve ever wanted to give up your boring day job and travel the world, Pearls and Passports is definitely the blog for you.

Born in Britain, Stephanie, the blog’s author, spent the first part of her professional life working as a podiatrist in Liverpool. What was initially a 10-month sabbatical turned into four and a half years on the road. She’s been to 32 countries and has lived long-term in both Japan and Russia.

Stephanie’s writing is all about how travel can push you to grow and stretch in unforeseen directions. When she first left home, she was a self-described wimp. Now, she regularly pushes herself out of her comfort zone.

Make sure to check out her Pearls of Wisdom section for great tips on how to both save and make money while traveling.

The Shooting Star

Another world-traveling nomad is Shivya Nath, who runs The Shooting Star. At the age of 23, Shivya left her corporate job in India and sold her apartment along with most of her possessions. The rest of her belongings were packed into a single bag, and she set off to live the life of a digital nomad.

Shivya currently makes most of her income writing about travel-related topics. She’s been writing this blog since 2011. Most of her content follows her adventures and promotes her published work. She also offers great advice to other travelers on how to cross through ecologically vulnerable areas more responsibly.

Girl vs Globe

Another great resource for responsible travel is Girl vs Globe, a travel blog written by young Czech writer Sabina. Although she definitely fits into the same age bracket as many of the gap-year crowd, her writing is both intelligent and entertaining.

Sabina hasn’t been to as many places as the other bloggers on this list. However, she has managed to live in each place longer, which gives her more local insight.

Virtual Wayfarer

Virtual Wayfarer is the personal blog of Alex Berger, an American who settled down in Copenhagen after five years as a world-traveling nomad. Since he comes from a family of travelers, Alex writes about his jaunts around the world with both experience and enthusiasm.

In addition to writing useful content like “Very Specific Tips for Protecting Yourself During Your Car Rental”, Alex is a fantastic photographer. He’s also gone to the trouble of corralling useful tips in the Travel Resources section. In this section, there are great links for everything from booking hostels to resources for travel hackers.

Keep Calm and Travel

Clelia Mattana introduces herself as “an Italian mix between Bridget Jones and Indiana Jones”. Her blog Keep Calm and Travel documents what’s happened since she decided to buy a one-way ticket to Bangkok in 2013.

Clelia was 35 when she quit her job at Burberry to travel the world. Her blog gives an open and honest perspective on what led her to that decision. There are a ton of resources on her site for new travelers. and lots of funny stories about her own experiences. One of her most popular articles details her experience meeting a man in Bali, getting engaged within a month, then moving with him to Thailand.

The Hungry Partier

Travel vlogger Drew Binsky publishes content that accompanies his daily travel videos at his site The Hungry Partier. He’s been to 191 countries since 2012. Along the way, he has documented all of the unique and crazy experiences he’s had, like hitchhiking across Bosnia and being mistaken for Mark Zuckerberg in Macau.

The Hungry Partier is great for people who love videos and Snapchat stories. Drew has become a prolific vlogger, capturing his daily life in dozens of different countries. He also hosts group trips and sells his expertise as a trip planner.

Monkeys and Mountains

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure inspiration, Monkeys and Mountains is a great resource. Run by Laurel Robbins, this site aims to demystify adventure travel for newbies and encourage more people to get out of cities and into nature.

In addition to Laurel’s main business in planning hiking, cycling, and wildlife tours, she writes easy-to-follow guides for popular hiking locations like the Camino de Santiago and Cinque Terre. On top of these guides, Laurel writes articles on every location she’s been to, including urban areas like Munich and Paris

Nomad Women

If you’re looking for a different perspective on travel, check out Nomad Women, a blog written by and for mature women travelers. The site is run by Donna Meyer, a life-long nomad who still travels regularly from her home base in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Donna is in her 70s and is a passionate advocate for older travelers. Her content is interesting regardless of your age. There’s a focus on both art and food, as well as reviews of unique activities like the Heidelberg Funicular and Culzean Castle. / Shutterstock



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