The Best Coffee Roasters in the USA

For some people, coffee is something brown that comes out of a can and enables them to greet their boss with something resembling pleasantries first thing in the morning. For others, their coffee choices vary depending on which bag of small-batch roastery coffee they’ve been able to grab that week.

While it’s true that most coffee beans come from farms in Africa and South America, there are plenty of American coffee roasters who are doing amazing things with these beans and turning them into unique products with a little time, patience, and heat. Today, we’re going to explore the best coffee roasteries in the United States, and how you can find their beans. If you’re a coffee fan, make sure to keep this list handy when you’re planning your next vacation as a bag of freshly-roasted coffee is a great souvenir.

Caffe Vita – Seattle

Seattle is a city full of incredible coffee. With wet and cool weather being the norm, it’s no wonder that dozens of roasteries have popped up all over the city, each claiming to have the most delicious local coffee.

One of the most popular is Caffe Vita, who has been roasting coffee in the city since 1995. They started with a small café in the quiet Queen Anne neighborhood, and have since expanded to nine different cafes that can be found all over the Pacific Northwest. Caffe Vita proudly partners with coffee farmers to ensure their practices are sustainable, and to allow their customers to experience their coffee from tree to cup.

Stumptown – Portland, OR

Stumptown Coffee Roasters started their life as a small Portland-based roastery and now have managed to spread their coffee around the United States. Stumptown is committed to high-quality beans and has a dedicated team known as the Green Team whose only job is to buy the best beans they can get their hands on. Usually, this means buying small quantities, rather than ordering in bulk. When it gets back to their roastery in Portland, a roaster stands by the machine for hours making sure that the coffee is roasted to the perfect shade of brown. They’re so meticulous about coffee that they have guides on their website to show you nine separate methods for perfectly brewing their beans.

Blue Bottle Coffee – San Francisco

Like many popular San Francisco businesses, Blue Bottle Coffee first started as a farmer’s market stand. Now, they’re one of the most popular coffee roasteries in the world and have cafes in places like Tokyo and New York City. Even though they have dozens of individual cafes, they’re still committed to small-batch coffee roasting, and even offer limited releases of single origin beans on their website, in addition to their solid lineup of regular offerings.

Blue Bottle has also made a name for themselves in the prepared coffee market. Their bottled cold brews are far and away some of the best available today.



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