Winter Wonderland: 14 Most Beautiful Winter Destinations in the World

9. Alcázar of Segovia, Spain

Located in central Spain, the Alcázar of Segovia has been a royal palace, a fortress, and prison (at one point or another) and was reportedly the inspiration when it came to the castle for Walt Disney’s Cinderella. While it is beautiful to look at any point within the year, when the winter rolls around, the castle comes alive in fairytale form, where snow-covered rooftops create a majestic and alluring look. Thankfully, it is also now a museum, where visitors can come, take in the views, and learn more about the history of this incredible structure.

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8. St. Petersburg, Russia

Undeniably one of the coolest cities worldwide (from late November to March) St. Petersburg simply comes alive in the winter when the snow covers its buildings and the air turns a little crispier. There is a lot of culture to soak in within this region, including a visit to check out the Mariinsky Theater and Saint Petersburg Philharmonia; however, to truly understand the spirit of St. Petersburg, visiting the area on January 6th, around Orthodox Christmas, is an inspiring and wonderful experience to be a part of.

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7. Milan, Italy

Many tend to think of Italy as a place to visit in the spring or summer months, but Milan truly comes alive in the winter. In fact, it’s the perfect time to take in some of Italy’s finest culture with Fidelio and The Nutcracker performances in full swing at La Scala opera house. Walk within the city and witness a beautiful winter wonderland, with snow-covered museums, churches, and cathedrals, and visitors can’t help but feel a certain magic in the air.

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