14 Funny Situations You Might Come Across in Your Travels

The best benefits of traveling are the amazing experiences you go through and the memories you create. When you get back home, you can relive most of them by recounting the stories to your friends and family.

Although many stories are incredible, the majority of the time they tend to be about funny situations that happened to you along your journey. And even the tragic stories, which seemed daunting at the time, become hilarious anecdotes you’ll wish never to repeat again!

So, what are the funny situations you might come across? Read on to find out!

14. Thieving Monkeys

All those monkey pictures you see on blogs and Instagram accounts don’t really tell the truth about these furry beasts. Whether you see wild monkeys in Bali, Thailand, or India, you’ll quickly learn about their dark side.

Monkeys can seem cute from a distance, but as soon as you leave your camera or food unattended, they deploy their cunning skills and take your stuff away from you. When you try to get it back, they become aggressive. All of a sudden, they’re not as adorable as before!

werachai thamavijit / Shutterstock.com

13. Ultra Spicy Foods

If you’ve ever ordered a papaya salad in Thailand and immediately regretted it, because you didn’t realize it’d be so spicy, welcome to the club. They really like their food spicy in Asia (and other parts of the world), and it’s a good idea to take that into consideration before ordering a dish.

For those of you who also enjoy hot food, traveling can be the perfect opportunity to test your limits. Some people cope well, while others just cry, sweat, and suffer the consequences the following day in the toilet.

Sergei_Salniko / Shutterstock.com

12. Naughty Dorm Travelers

Hostels are the best places to make friends when you’re traveling. You get the chance to share the kitchen, communal spaces, and dormitories, where sometimes over 20 people sleep together in bunk beds.

However, some friendships evolve into something more, and if there’s a bit of alcohol involved, people might decide to get intimate. That’s not really a problem, unless it’s happening inside a full dorm and you’re trying to sleep on a rather shaky bed. This is more common than you think!

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