7 Dumbest Types of Traveler

The-Picky-EatersNicoleta Ionescu / Shutterstock

4. The Picky Eaters

While we all love our home cooked meals and favorite restaurants, it’s not fair to expect things will be the same when traveling. Don’t be the one to sit down and demand a cheeseburger at a night market in Bangkok. Embrace the food of the cultures you’re visiting and don’t be scared to try new things – you may surprise yourself with what you like.

The-Arrogant-Travelers1000 Words / Shutterstock

5. The Arrogant Travelers

Whenever or wherever you’re traveling, don’t ever expect that the locals want you around. Also, please stop staring at them as if they’re exotic trophies to be taken home – put your cameras away from time to time. You are a visitor and should always remember to be respectful, courteous and humble. Let locals teach you about their culture in their own time and place – the experiences will be more meaningful.

The-Boorish-English-SpeakersFranck Boston / Shutterstock

6. The Boorish English Speakers

Speaking English louder and slower doesn’t make non-English speakers understand you any better. The whole world doesn’t speak your language, so be prepared to grab a guide book and learn some local phrases to help you navigate new places and try your best to fit in.



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The ocean is storied, deep, and complex. Whether it is the folklore surrounding Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle, or the weird-looking fauna and flora that arise out of it, the ocean is a great source of fascination. In fact, only five percent of it has been properly explored, leaving plenty of gaps for our imaginations to fill in.

Worst Celebrity Statues from Around the World

We buy their albums, tickets to their movies, and all the products, brands, and questionable colognes that they endorse. Surely that’s enough to quell the hungry egos of some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Well, not exactly. You see, immortalization via cultural significance, world records, and millions of dollars sometimes isn’t enough. Tradition dictates that our celebrity idols need to be re-created in gold, bronze, wax, and stone, so not even the elements can dismantle the memory of their monumental rise to the top.

How to Become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you’re an active traveler or live in a uniquely historic part of the world, chances are you’ve been exposed to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This phrase is thrown around frequently. When we first hear it, the first thing that comes to mind is that it must represent something historic and old. Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are famous buildings, landmarks, or areas that are renowned because of their beauty and historical significance.