9 Insane Trips for the Bravest Travelers

Tour-ChernobylDmitry Birin / Shutterstock

7. Tour Chernobyl, Ukraine

Interested in historical devastation and have a need to live on the edge? Take a tour of the infamous Chernobyl site, left extremely radioactive and destroyed after the nuclear power plant explosion of 1986. There are rumors of wild mutated boars and strange plant growth, not to mention the hundreds of abandoned buildings.

Walk-Through-Kruger-ParkJoney / Shutterstock

8. Walk Through Kruger Park, South Africa

While the legal and most common way of touring Kruger Park is in a safari outfitted vehicle on one of the many roads through the park, a more adventurous time can be had by walking. Strictly illegal and not recommended, certain locations will offer guided walks, sometimes unarmed, through the savannahs of the park. You’re likely to spot impala, baboons and zebra if you’re lucky, and lions and hyenas if you’re not.

Hike-the-Sahara-DesertGalyna Andrushko / Shutterstock

9. Hike the Sahara Desert, Northern Africa

If you love long, difficult trips with little water and lots of spitting camels, be sure to book a tour of the Sahara desert. Not only will you get your own camel for the duration, but you will also get a chance to see the stars under a sky unaltered by city light at night, as well as vast stretches of sand dunes. This desert covers roughly 3.5 million square miles, so be sure to stay to close to your guide to avoid getting lost and thirsty.



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