How to Make the Most of Your All-Inclusive Resort

12. Not all-Inclusive resorts are created equally

Did you know some all-inclusive resorts don’t include alcohol? Or that you might not be able to take part in all activities? Much like the different classes on airplanes and cruise ships, if you choose the cheapest fare, you won’t have access to everything.

So before you purchase your all-inclusive package, make sure you understand exactly what’s included and what isn’t. There are stories of people who thought the airport transfer was included and had to pay a hefty taxi ride to get to their resort.

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13. Don’t forget about the tips

Tipping in all-inclusive resorts can be a bit tricky, especially considering everything has been paid in advance. Some hotels don’t allow their employees to accept tips, while at others they’re appreciated. If you don’t know the resort’s policy, make sure you ask at the front desk, or just try to see what other guests are doing.

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