The World in Candy

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy – Thailand

If you’re a fan of the taste of cappuccino but you don’t want the actual caffeine rush that comes with drinking a cup, consider giving Kopiko Cappuccino Candy a try. Made in Thailand, these little hard candies have a strong taste with a smooth texture. While made in Thailand, Kopiko Cappuccino Candy is also popular in the surrounding countries of Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Scorched Rice Candy – Korea

Scorched Rice Candy, or nurungji in Korean, is quite literally referring to the rice that has been left too long in a rice cooker, giving it that wonderful burnt taste. Surprisingly sweet, this candy is definitely worth a try.

While popular in Korea and China, few in the west have tried this delicious treat. It’s definitely a taste that takes getting used to, but once you try it, you’re guaranteed to be hooked!

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Kinder Bueno – Italy

Bueno is a chocolate bar made by the same people who make Ferrero Rocher. It’s a hazelnut cream filled wafer that is covered in a delightfully light milk chocolate layer. Bueno first came onto the confectionary market in 1990 in Italy, but quickly became popular in South American countries like Brazil and Argentina. Light and creamy, this chocolate candy is perfect for children and adults alike.

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