Which Type of Traveler Are You?

4. The Shoppers

Do you know that person who buys everything they see? Their logic is that they don’t know when they’ll be back, so it’s better to buy everything they can when they have the chance.

Shoppers carry massive backpacks and are always complaining about the weight. They also spend a fortune shipping boxes back home, so they have more room to buy new stuff. They’re the perfect travelers to ask about markets and different souvenirs.

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5. The Minimalist

Minimalists have no interest in material possessions. All their stuff fits in a carry-on day pack, so nobody ever sees them checking their bags in. They carry so little that some people actually mistake them for locals as they’re not carrying the classic big backpacks.

The crazy thing is that sometimes they act like Mary Poppins, managing to take 15 different outfits from their tiny little bag. Plus, they’re the masters of mixing and matching just a few items of clothing!

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6. The Budget Traveler

Most commonly associated with backpackers, budget travelers know all the tricks to pay the minimum possible for their trips. Although sometimes they need to skip some expensive destinations or attractions, it doesn’t mean they don’t have an awesome time.

They tend to band together in hostels (or Couchsurfing) and are willing to take a 12-hour bus trip just to save a couple of bucks. Budget travelers are more likely to be found in Southeast Asia, India, and South America.

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