Cultured Palate: Dishes from Croatia

10. Pag Cheese

This cheese can only be called authentic if it’s made on Pag Island, just off the coast of mainland Croatia and famous for salt farming. Pag cheese is a hard sheep’s milk cheese that gets its trademark saltiness not from added salt, but from the salt already present in the sheep’s diet. This gives the cheese a unique flavor, and makes it a desirable addition to any pre-dinner charcuterie course.

inavanhateren / Shutterstock

11. Paprenjak

Paprenjak get their name from the Croatian word for pepper, which this cookie contains in abundance. The addictive spicy-sweet flavor comes from both black pepper and honey, which are added to a basic cookie dough, which is then rolled out and stamped with different shapes before baking. This cookie can be found in bakeries, but is most common in Croatia at Christmas time.

12. Fritule

When walking along a busy street in Croatia, one thing that might distract your attention from the fascinating architecture and scenery is the delicious smell of frying dough. Fritule are tiny balls of dough that are fried to order, then sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with different toppings — Nutella is a popular choice! Find these anywhere street food carts congregate.



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