In the Movies: Popular Film Destinations

4. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is another Canadian city that has benefitted from the Canadian dollar’s downturn. Many American film studios are opting to film there and sneakily turn shots of the Canadian city into similar looking East Coast cities, like Chicago or New York, with some clever editing.
In order for Toronto to appear as New York, production companies import the characteristic yellow cabs and New York City subway signage. To check out a few Toronto landmarks that made the final cut, watch movies like X-Men, and Cinderella Man.

Most recently, the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale filmed in Toronto in order to create the dystopian city of Gilead.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a European city that attracts film studios because of its cheaper amenities and scenic city atmosphere. After the fall of Communism and the formation of the Czech Republic in 1992, studios were eager to film in a country that they deemed to be almost untouched by modern influence.

Many famous movies have taken advantage of Prague’s gorgeous atmosphere over the years, but the most spectacular of all has to be Milos Forman’s Amadeus, which won eight Oscars in 1985. In Amadeus, Prague stood in for 19th century Vienna, and the director made use of Prague’s Renaissance architecture to film most of the scenes – hardly any were shot in studio.

In addition to dramas like Amadeus, action movies like Mission: Impossible and Casino Royale have also used Prague as a filming location.

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6. London, England

Another European city that appears in movies often both as itself and as a stand in for somewhere else is London. There are so many filming locations in London that it’s hard to pick the most famous. Arguably, one of the most popular is King’s Cross Station’s Platform 9 ¾.

The Harry Potter landmark was so popular that station officials decided to add a small plaque marking the space between platforms 9 and 10. After people realized how popular it was, the small plaque was expanded to include a luggage trolley magically disappearing into the wall, and a store where you can buy Harry Potter merchandise. You can even arrange a photoshoot complete with a floating scarf and magic wand if you’re a hardcore fan.

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