The Best Distilleries in England

England has long been a country that has appreciated fine liquor. While they’re mostly content to let Scotland, their northern neighbor, carry the bulk of the island’s whisky production, there are still plenty of amazing distilleries down south who are producing everything from seaweed-infused gin to a modern-day take on grappa. Some are larger companies — like Beefeater or Sipsmith — that enjoy worldwide popularity, while others are brand new and serve the tastes of the local population first.

Gin especially has been associated with the English since the Gin Craze of 1695-1735, where half the drinking establishments in London were gin shops. While most people have stopped distilling gin in their bathtubs and drinking it in the streets, there is still a rich history of inventive English gins that is very much worth exploring.

Plymouth Distillery

There are several types of gin, including London Dry (which is unsweetened, made of a specific formula of grain, and contains no added ingredients other than water), and Plymouth gin, which follows all those rules but must be distilled in Plymouth, England.

The Plymouth Distillery is the home of Plymouth gin since they were the first distillery to bottle and serve gin in the area. They opened in 1793, just a few years after regulations made it impossible for people to distill gin at home. They offer several interesting options including Navy Strength, Sloe Gin, and their signature gin. Tours range from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours and cover the company’s history as well as their methods of production.



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