9 Airport Problems We’ve All Had Before

CancelationJaromir Chalabala / Shutterstock

7. Cancellation

Depending on your situation a canceled flight could really throw you for a loop. For some, a canceled flight could mean missing your connecting flights, completely disrupting your carefully planned route and putting you back a few days’ worth of time. For others it could mean a free night in the nicest hotel you will be staying in for a while.

Damaged-Goodslzf / Shutterstock

8. Damaged Goods

If you think the guys on the loading dock are passing your bag around as if it was full of kittens the way you do, you’re wrong. These people have to pack hundreds of bags into a very small space under strict timelines and a gentle touch is not likely the first thing that comes to mind. Bags often end up with contents broken or damaged and at the very least jumbled around. Be sure to pack your breakables extra careful, because you’re the only one worrying about them.

Black-Baggedtrekandshoot / Shutterstock

9. Black Bagged

Sometimes you think you know your bag, the black one with the silver wheels and generic name badge. But then sometimes you see your old friend among several other, quite similar looking friends and realize you don’t know your bag at all. Always add something bright, something colorful — anything to make your bag stand out. And no, being the only black bag without something to make it stand out doesn’t count.



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