The 10 Least Gay-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Mobile, Alabama

Our third and final city in Alabama is Mobile: it, like Huntsville, received an MEI score of 4 out of 100.

Mobile got a 0 for its anti-bullying policy and a 0 for its non-discrimination laws; however, it does have a human rights commission. In Mobile, this commission attempts to foster equality and educate residents; it checks out discrimination complaints. Hardly enough to make you want to visit this city.

Fotoluminate LLC /

Fotoluminate LLC /

Great Falls, Montana

Of five cities in Montana reviewed, Great Falls scored the lowest: it received just 2 out of 100 points on the MEI scoring system. Great Falls has no human rights commission; it scored a 0 for its anti-bullying policy; and it scored a 0 for its non-discrimination laws.

It has the “honor” of being the only city not located in Texas, Alabama, or Mississippi on this list of least gay-friendly cities in the U.S.

BJ Ray /

BJ Ray /

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Mississippi is interesting because it contains the city with the highest MEI score on this list and the city with the lowest MEI score.

Hattiesburg holds a score of 6 out of 100 on the system. It has no human rights commission; it scores a 0 for its anti-bullying policy; and it has a 0 for its non-discrimination laws. The MEI score of 6 comes from the somewhat healthy relationship between the city’s leaders and the LGBT community.

Dudemanfellabra / Own Work

Dudemanfellabra / Own Work



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