The Brink of Extinction: The Most Endangered Animals in the World

Malayan Tiger

This majestic tiger was previously classified as an Indochinese tiger, but in 2004, DNA testing revealed that the Malayan tiger was its very own subspecies. Found throughout the woodlands of Malaysia and Thailand, the Malayan tiger has been forced to give up much of its habitat to agriculture and also faces a significant threat from poachers; not only are tiger parts commonly used in Thai and Vietnamese medicine, but some locals believe that by eating tiger meat, they can absorb some of this regal cat’s strength and power.

Despite strict poaching laws, regular patrols and an effort to educate locals on respecting this endangered species, today the Malayan tiger population is thought to number around 250-340. Experts warn that with so few Malayan tigers left, future populations are also threatened by a loss of genetic diversity due to inbreeding.

RockSt4r84 / Getty Images



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