The World in Street Food

Käsekrainer – Vienna, Austria

Käsekrainer sausages are just one variety of sausage that’s served in street carts all over Vienna, but it may be the most dangerous choice. Käsekrainer is simply a regular sausage that has small pockets of cheese throughout, but if you’re eating it hot, watch out because that cheese gets steaming hot and has been known to squirt all over unsuspecting diners. Find it at any of Vienna’s many wurstelstands — the Bitzinger Wurstelstand, behind both the Albertina museum and the State Opera House is particularly popular, and you’ll often see well-dressed opera goes carefully yet enthusiastically enjoy their intermission wursts.

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Currywurst – Berlin, Germany

Another sausage treat that has reached world-wide popularity is currywurst, which was invented in Berlin. It was first made by a German woman named Herta Heuwer, who traded some booze to American soldiers in exchange for ketchup. She served regular German sausages and French fries with ketchup, sprinkled the whole thing with curry powder, and a legend was born. Even though Heuwer’s version is considered the original, there’s no one recipe for currywurst — most restaurants and food trucks make it with their own secret blend of spices. It’s the perfect late-night treat to help fill your belly at the end of a long night of bar-hopping.

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Pad Thai – Thailand

Pad thai has been a popular street food in Thailand since World War II, when the country was suffering under a rice shortage. The government encouraged vendors and restaurants to serve noodles instead of rice, and this sweet and tangy noodle dish was the tasty result of this temporary hardship. This stir-fried dish includes many popular Thai ingredients like tamarind, fish sauce, dried shrimp, and palm sugar, and is often served with optional additions like lime wedges, crushed peanuts, or bean sprouts.

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Mini Guide to Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with just over 17,000 islands. It has a population of roughly 261 million people, though over half lives on the island of Java. The nation has a long trading history with other Asian countries and has also been invaded by the Dutch and English Empires. Indonesia is therefore a melting pot of cultures with the largest Muslim population in the world, but also with strong influences from Hinduism and Buddhism, particularly in Bali. It’s also a nature lover’s paradise, with plenty of fauna, volcanoes, beaches, and diving sites.

Mini Guide to Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean at 109,884 square kilometers, and the second-most populous. It consists of the island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, and many small archipelagos.

The Best Distilleries in Scotland

Scotland is one of the world’s foremost producers of whisky and has been dominating the world of malt liquor since the distillation process was introduced to the country in the 15th century. Since then, the pure water of the Highlands has been used to produce some of the most incredible whisky in the world.