Creepy Castles: 13 Abandoned Places You Need to Visit

Torra di Mortella

The Torra di Mortella (Mortella Tower) is an abandoned tower and strategic point that was the inspiration for the Martello Towers that the British built in strategic places along their borders during the 19th century. Martello is simply a mispronunciation of Mortella.

The original tower was first built on the north side of Corsica in the 16th century to help defend against North African pirates. It sustained heavy damages through British bombardment in the French Revolutionary War, and after the British finally captured the tower, they blew it up to prevent anyone else from using it. In 1991, it was listed as one of the official Historical Monuments of France. It is currently open to the public.



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The 10 Most Historic Prisons

While jail time isn’t a walk in the park for any convicted felon, many tourists flock to historical prisons around the world when traveling. This is due to their mystic, history, and eerie ambiance. While it may seem a little crazy, visiting a local prison can provide a ton of insight on a region’s roots and culture.