14 Ways to Screw Up an International Trip

9. Packing Too Much

You just need to walk for 30 minutes with a heavy backpack to start cursing at yourself for packing too much. If it’s 40 ºC outside and the sun is strong, you’ll probably curse 10 times more! You really don’t need this experience.

Nowadays it’s possible to find pretty much everything you might need in every big capital in the world. So, unless you need specific prescription drugs or specialized electronics, you’ll probably be fine just taking the bare essentials.

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10. Choosing the Wrong Travel Partner

Traveling with someone is the best way to really know if you’re compatible, whether you are friends or partners. You’ll experience the most amazing moments together, but also the most terrifying and difficult ones.

A bad travel partner can turn a nice trip into a nightmare, and you may eventually end the friendship or relationship. If you want to travel with someone for a long time, it’s a good idea to go on short trips before and find out if you have the right chemistry together.

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11. Not Having Back-Up Bank Cards

One of the worst experiences to have abroad is having your bank card swallowed by an ATM, especially if it’s the only one you have. You’ll probably need to rely on the generosity of strangers until your new card arrives.

In order to avoid a situation like that, you should ideally have two debit cards and two credit cards, even if you’re not going to use them. Another option is to have Apple Pay or Android Pay, so you can pay with your mobile — although it’s mainly in developed countries.

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