The 9 People You Meet in Airplane Hell

Space HogZastolskiy Victor / Shutterstock

The Space Hog

Thought you could rest your arm on your armrest? Expected to be able to take up the entire seat you paid for and the space directly in front of it? Not when you’re sitting next to the Space Hog!

The Space Hog is very important, and therefore must occupy as much of the plane as possible. The Space Hog is completely oblivious to your discomfort as they slowly but forcefully encroach on your personal space, spreading ever wider as you crunch your legs together and lock your arms to your sides.

Airplane HellBlend Images / Shutterstock

The Way Too Comfortable Person

The Way Too Comfortable Person has no qualms about flying. They’re as comfortable in the air as they are in their own living room back at home, and they won’t hesitate to put their comfort on full display by acting – well, like they’re in their living room back at home.

This is the person that reclines their seat, takes off their shoes and socks, and settles in for a long nap at 30,000 feet. (Which is what the cabin now smells like.) As the Way Too Comfortable Person’s foot stench disperses throughout their general vicinity, a dribble of drool makes its way out the corner of their mouth and drips onto your shoulder.

Annoying TicMila Supinskaya / Shutterstock

The Person With an Annoying Tic

This is the person who alternates between jiggling their leg, slightly changing positions, and taking off and putting on their sweater. This is the person who sniffles constantly but never blows their nose and cracks their knuckles like it’s going out of style. This is the person who coughs just once, very softly, precisely every 22 seconds until you want to scream, Just hack it up already! But you can’t, because that would make you…



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