Love Holidays from Around the World

4. Family Day – Canada

This rather new statutory holiday celebrating familial love has only been celebrated in Canada since 2000. It was started in the province of Alberta, where it was introduced as a way to give workers a break during the long, cold winter, and encourage them to spend more time with their families.

Although it’s still not celebrated widely, many people across Canada have started to use this long weekend as an chance to get out of the city and spend time with their family. It falls on the second or third Monday in February, the exact date varies province to province.

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5. Holi – India

The festival of Holi spans one night and one day every spring, and although it began as a Hindu religious festival, it has quickly spread around the world as a festival that celebrates light and love.

The first evening, known as Holika Dahan, is where families gather to pray for the destruction of evil, and this solemn affair is followed by a blowout party the next day. People take to the streets, dousing each other with water, and throwing colored powder, which turns everyone into walking rainbows. Musicians roam the streets, and families travel together to visit relatives, and enjoy meals and drinks together.

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6. Sepandārmazgān – Iran

The festival of Sepandārmazgān, known as the “Persian Day of Love,” is an ancient Iranian festival that has its roots in Zoroastrians traditions. Before the modern era, Sepandārmazgān was celebrated as a name-feast for a Zoroastrian immortal being known as Amesha Spenta, who ruled over the Earth, and was a holiday focused on celebrating the care that wives have for their husbands. Recently, modern Iranians have revived the holiday, and use it as a day to celebrate hard-working wives and mothers.

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