Traditional Christmas Food from Around the World

10. Szaloncukor – Hungary

Szaloncukor are delicious chocolate candies that Hungarian families use to decorate their Christmas tree. The chocolates contain a delicious fondant filling flavored with different ingredients. Some typically Hungarian flavors are sour cherry, rum nut, and chestnut.

The chocolates are then wrapped in a shiny cellophane twist, and hung on the tree with twine. Through the years, Hungarian children have come up with ingenious methods for surreptitiously eating the chocolate out of the wrapping, so their parents don’t realize they’re gone. Szaloncukor from the tree always taste better than regular chocolates!

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11. Menudo – Mexico

One Christmas dish that’s popular all over northwestern Mexico is menudo – a flavorful beef stomach and hominy soup that’s served on Christmas morning.

Beef stomach, which is often called tripe, is a favorite ingredient to use in festive meals. It takes a long time to break down the tripe into a soft and chewy consistency, so most Mexican cooks will make it the night before, and eat it on Christmas morning. Although uncooked tripe has a distinct foul smell and tough texture, the flavorful chewiness of properly-cooked tripe has made it a favorite all over Mexico.

12. Bibingka – Philippines

The Filipino dish known as bibingka is a fancy Christmas treat that can be found all over the country in the lead up to Christmas. Bibingka is made of rice flour and coconut milk, mixed with regular milk and eggs to form a custard-like batter. The cake is cooked over a fire in a terracotta pot which has been lined with banana leaves. The cake picks up a distinct smoky flavor from the charred banana leaves, and is served topped with a drizzle of butter, sugar, cheese, and grated coconut.

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