20 Things a Diabetic Needs to Do Before and During Travel

13. In an Emergency, Look for a Mom

Moms have snacks. I found this out firsthand when I was about to board a flight (traveling solo internationally about a month after diagnosis) and I gave myself the wrong type of shot. Rookie error mixing up my meal shot with my day shot, which meant I suddenly had three times more insulin in my body than I’d ever given myself.

Within five minutes, the confusion set in. By ten minutes, I was losing my ability to think or find help. I turned to a mom who was sitting beside me, explained the situation, and told her I couldn’t think so I needed to verbally talk through what I needed to do next.

She pulled out a bag of cookies and a bushel of bananas and made me eat everything I could while we waited to board. Once I was on the plane, the flight attendants were able to sneak me juice until I was out of the danger zone.

Case in point: Moms rock.

Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock.com

Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock.com

14. Communicate With Your Emergency Contact at Home

Pick someone back home to be your check-in person, especially if you’re flying solo. When the incident in the last point happened, I contacted my Type 1 sister so that someone in my family knew what was going on (but knowing she would worry less than my mom). It’s good to have someone in on the news in case there’s an emergency.

lightwavemedia / Shutterstock.com

lightwavemedia / Shutterstock.com

15. Bring Anti-Nausea Aids

In addition to being generally unpleasant, throwing up can mess with your insulin levels in potentially dangerous ways. If you don’t fancy being hospitalized in a strange place and you know you’ll be traveling by boat or ferry (or very twisty roads), bring anti-nausea aids along for the journey.

Beth Swanson / Shutterstock.com

Beth Swanson / Shutterstock.com



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