9 Ways Travel Will Change the Way You Think About Life

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5. You’ll Learn Just How Small You Are

When you stand in the shadow of Mount Everest, or you spend hours hiking through the woods near some small town in Cape Breton, or you’re looking out at the Great Barrier Reef, you come to the realization that we’re really not as big and bad as we like to think. Nothing we, as a species, has ever created in our brief existence has even come close to the beauty, stability and awe-inspiring magnitude of things that have occurred just by mere chance.

When you’re on the road, or just camping out somewhere, look up at the night sky. We couldn’t possibly explore and see everything our wonderful planet has to offer in a million lifetimes. And this Earth is just a grain of sand compared to what lies up there.

It’s a humbling experience to come to this understanding as you explore the vastness of our world. And it’s something that many of us who’ve traveled far and wide carry with us forever.



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