Cultured Palate: Dishes from Israel


Halva is a sweet confection that’s sold throughout the Middle East and is incredibly popular in Israel. Made of sesame paste flavored with other ingredients, halva is crumbly, sweet, and decadent. The best halva in Israel comes from a manufacturer called HaMelech Halva (Halva King) that has stalls all across the country.

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Limonana is popular all across the Middle East, and provides relief from the crushing heat wherever you chose to drink it. Many people claim that it was invented in Israel, but it’s also possible that it originally came from Syria or Turkey. Either way, it’s a wonderfully refreshing summer beverage – made of lemonade with just the right proportion of mint.

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Tubi 60

Tubi 60 is so popular in Israel that on Independence Day in 2014, an emergency delivery from the suppliers had to be scheduled so that everyone who was lined up for a bottle could have one.

To enjoy it for yourself, drink it mixed with tonic water, or in a super-boozy slushy. The primary tastes are lemon and local Israeli herbs. It’s almost impossible to find anywhere outside of Israel, so stock up before you leave.



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