Why You Should Consider Slow Travel

6. It’s Relaxing

There are some people who like to plan every detail of their trips. They book everything in advance and act as if it was a military performance. But when something goes wrong, like a late bus or missed flight, the domino effect can be tragic as they arrive late to the hotel or miss an important tour.

What if they didn’t have such strict plans? Slow travel is about taking it easy. It’s a lot more relaxing to stay in the same town for five days or two weeks and take all the time you need to explore its hidden treasures.

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5. You’ll Taste Local Homemade Food

Although it’s definitely possible to eat local delicacies when you visit a new country, sometimes you’re not really getting the real deal, especially if you go to a restaurant that’s popular with tourists.

However, when you spend your time in one place, you have the chance to find the authentic and cheap eateries. Or even better, you get to meet locals who might invite you to a family gathering and offer you a traditional homemade meal.

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4. Quality Comes Before Quantity

Have you ever heard about backpackers who travel to Europe and manage to visit 10 countries in one week? Sometimes it’s understandable as they don’t really know when they’re going back, but are they really visiting the countries or crossing items off a checklist?

Someone who’s slow traveling in those same 10 days would probably choose one or two cities to visit and make the most of it. They know it’s better to have an unforgettable experience than to just take loads of selfies in places they won’t remember in a week.

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