Why You Should Consider Slow Travel

If you’ve ever come across the term “slow travel” and weren’t so sure what it meant, the first thing to understand is that it’s not only about how fast you travel. Slow Travel is a branch of the Slow Movement, which encompasses many different categories such as Slow Medicine, Slow Parenting, Slow Photography, and many more.

It started with Slow Food in 1986 as a protest to “Fast Food.” McDonald’s opened a restaurant at Piazza di Spagna in Rome, and the locals weren’t happy. The main idea of the movement is to praise the slow pace of life and enjoy every aspect of it. So, instead of buying a burger that’s cooked in one minute with low-grade meat, the focus is on cooking a meal from scratch using quality ingredients.

When you apply the “slow” concept to your trips, you’ll be essentially Slow Traveling. Carry on reading to learn the benefits.

 12. You’ll Have a Deeper Connection With Locals

Slow travelers tend to make an effort to create meaningful connections with the citizens of the countries they’re visiting. When you take the time to start conversations and get to know the locals, you get a new perspective of what’s going on in the city.

Not only will you have some insights about the current political and economic affairs in the country, but you’ll also have the chance to make a new friend. So, all of a sudden you’re not just a tourist passing through, but someone who’s shown an interest in the community and was warmly welcomed by locals.

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11. It Helps Protect the Environment

One of the key aspects of slow traveling is staying in the same town or city for long periods of time. The immediate effect of not moving around too much is decreasing your carbon footprint as you won’t be taking as many flights or buses. And when you do visit another city, take a train because it’s not only more eco-friendly but you can quietly enjoy the journey too.

When you stay somewhere for a long time, you also tend to buy stuff more consciously. So, while other travelers might not care too much and carry their shopping in plastic carrier bags or buy bottled water, you’ll have the chance to carry yours in a flask and shop with reusable bags.

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10. You’ll Focus on Experiences

If you’re only staying in a city for two or three nights, you’re probably going to spend your time visiting the famous tourist attractions. However, what would you do if you were staying for a month or three? You’d focus your attention from “seeing” things to “doing” things.

If you were staying in Brazil you could start learning capoeira, or taking a cooking course while in Spain, or maybe a wine course in France. Some people might decide to go hiking in the countryside or surf off the coast of the country. At the end of the day, the options are endless when you have more time to experience a location.

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