15 International Hot Beverages You Have to Try

4. Chai – India

Every now and then when I go to coffee shops, I tend to order Chai Lattes. I do it because it brings me back to India, where I had chai all the time. I remember someone coming up the train at every station selling chai for two rupees (about $0.03 USD).

Yes, it’s cheap, it’s everywhere, and it’s amazing. Make sure you drink as much as possible when you’re in India because it’s never quite the same anywhere else.

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5. Lahpetyei Gyo – Myanmar

I didn’t realize Myanmar had a strong tea culture until I visited the country. You can find teahouses all over. They’re the perfect place to wind down and enjoy some people watching.

The Burmese tea is a mixture of black tea, evaporated milk, and condensed milk. It usually costs around 300 kyat (roughly $0.22 USD) and it’s just delicious. The tea is commonly served with some snacks and, though it seems like they’re free, you’ll have to pay for them, but they’re super cheap as well.

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6. Moroccan Tea – Morocco

If you’re walking around the souks of Marrakesh, impressed by jewelry, textiles, and the odd goat, you’ll no doubt be invited by a cordial seller to have some tea in his little shop. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything as it’s a genuine invitation.

Moroccan tea is a mix of local green tea with mint leaves, which is pleasantly refreshing given the scorching temperatures outside. Just don’t accept every offer or you’ll never be able to explore the souks!

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