17 Ways Traveling Will Make You Healthier

It's-Good-for-the-FamilyWarren Goldswain / Shutterstock

13. It’s Good for the Family

Thinking of leaving your toddler at home? Think again! Yeah you’ll be that parent every childfree flyer despises, but you’ll be doing your kid(s) a big favor. Since most of the brain’s growth and development occurs in the first 5 years of a child’s life, it’s important to expose them to all kinds of things, including culture and society. New experiences are essential for children, especially babies, to develop mentally. And that’s exactly what your kid is going to get when you take them to foreign lands.

Active-Travel-Helps-You-Shed-the-PoundsCatalin Petolea / Shutterstock

14. Active Travel Helps You Shed the Pounds

Watching your weight? Traveling places that require a lot of physical activity such as hiking or swimming is a good way to stay fit. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and keep your body strong and healthy. Plenty of vacation spots have all kinds of hands-on activities that are fun and good for you too; you’ll be staying fit or working off the flab without even realizing it!

Vacation-Keeps-Seniors-ActiveGoodluz / Shutterstock

15. Vacation Keeps Seniors Active

You’ve heard the expression use it or lose it, and there’s a grain of truth to it. For seniors who want to keep their bodies going, staying active is essential as the years pile on. And there’s no better way for the elderly to get moving than hitting the road. Pack your meds, grab your cane and catch a flight to Florida, Granny! We’ve got sights to see and shopping to do!



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