50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone

Anchorage, Alaska

With so many beautiful natural sights, it can be difficult to avoid the innate wonder of seeing glaciers firsthand. As a woman traveling on your own, however, Anchorage can be a frightening place. The city has an incredibly high level of rape, a harsh reality when you consider how small the population is.

No matter how you cut it, a city with the third highest incidence of rape in the country should certainly not be on a solo female traveler’s bucket list.

Valentin Martynov / Shutterstock.com

Valentin Martynov / Shutterstock.com

Kingston, Jamaica

Staying in Jamaica can certainly be a phenomenal experience—with crystal clear water, pristine beaches, and colorful local flair, Kingston is a popular vacation destination. Resorts are everywhere, but that’s because they need to be—for all its beauty, Jamaica has a dangerous side, and sexual assaults on female travelers are not uncommon.

The Jamaican people are charming, effervescent, and very friendly—but for female travelers on their own, this could quickly cause problems. Exiting a conversation or interaction with someone is considered extremely offensive in Jamaica, so leaving an unsafe situation may only exacerbate the problem.

DW labs Incorporated / Shutterstock.com

DW labs Incorporated / Shutterstock.com

Gili Islands, Indonesia

There are plenty of perfectly safe places for women to travel alone in Indonesia, but the Gili Islands are not one of them. One issue is that the area has become infamous for drug trafficking, which certainly does not point to safety.

The biggest concern for women traveling alone, however, is the prevalence of rape amidst these scenic islands. Your best bet is to stick to Bali, which is certainly a much safer section for solo travel.

Dima Fadeev / Shutterstock.com

Dima Fadeev / Shutterstock.com



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