50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a tough pill to swallow, since Rio has such a phenomenal, vibrant, and outlandish Carnival festival. Rio should be a stunning place to visit—and it certainly is, if you aren’t a woman travelling alone. Women who are planning on taking a solo trip should be aware that Brazil reported a 157 percent increase in rapes in just three years.

Gender-based crime and robberies at gunpoint pose big problems for tourists, particularly those who choose to travel alone.

T photography / Shutterstock.com

T photography / Shutterstock.com

Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting Turkey can be an irresistible draw for those looking to experience cultural history at its finest. Istanbul contains architectural remnants of Roman, Egyptian, and Byzantine influences. Sadly, violence against women is not readily talked about in Turkey, and gender-related crimes happen often.

The lack of clear dialogue and hazy attitude towards women’s rights should make even the smallest feminist inside us shy away. Take in all that cultural history with a couple of your lady friends instead.

seregalsv / Shutterstock.com

seregalsv / Shutterstock.com

South Africa

With expansive national parks, caves, and canyons, it’s hard to deny that South Africa offers stunning beauty. Unfortunately, South Africa has some disturbingly high statistics for rape and sexual assault.

The good news is that, as a woman, you are less likely to be targeted if you wear conservative clothing. If you plan to travel alone, just make sure to bring your finest long sleeves and your thickest jeans to avoid potentially becoming a target.

Mark Van Overmeire / Shutterstock.com

Mark Van Overmeire / Shutterstock.com



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